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Poverty, disease, disaster, abuse, and neglect impact the lives of millions of children every day. Your support of Africa’s Children’s Fund allows us to care, heal, and bring hope to thousands of children in need in the United States of America, Africa, and the Caribbean very year. Thank you for joining us to make a difference in children’s life.

Get Involved: Donate Now to the Africa's Children's Fund

Other Ways to Give


Workplace Giving

Support Us in your Workplace Giving Campaign

Africa’s Children’s Fund offers two options for supporting children and families in need at your place of employment. They are payroll deduction and matching gifts.


Investments in children are investments in the future

Africa’s Children’s Fund works with corporations of all sizes to design and implement impactful partnerships that may be woven into the culture of each organization, from employees to supply chain. Whether supporting our mission through funding, gifts-in-kind, cause marketing or knowledge-sharing, our corporate partners are vital to our work of helping communities transform themselves into places where children can thrive. Together, we promote societies that value, protect and advance the rights of children.


Matching Gifts

Matching Gift Programs: Double or Triple Your Gifts

Many organizations support a matching gifts program that enables their employees to double or triple their gifts to Africa’s Children’s Fund. Your gift to the Africa’s Children’s Fund can be matched by an equal or larger gift from your Company. It is a real win-win for you, your employer and Africa’s Children’s Fund’s programs for children in need.

Contact your Human Resources Office for eligibility requirements and to obtain your matching gift form or to learn if your Company does online approvals.

If Matching Gift is not offered online, you can mail your completed form to:

Africa’s Children’s Fund
Matching Gift Program
2310 Parklake Drive, Suite 188
Atlanta, GA 30345

Fundraise in your Community

You can get more involved in our mission by helping to raise funds for our important programs for children in need. Here are a few ways in which you can fundraise in your community for our organization: Feel free to choose the one that appeals best for you.

Solicit donations from your friends, family, and co-workers to support a program of your choice. We will provide you with all the fundraising materials that you need.

Donate your birthday – Ask friends, family, and co-workers to donate on your behalf to Africa’s Children’s Fund in lieu of a birthday gift.

Volunteer – Do something good in your community and get people to support you by making a donation to Africa’s Children’s Fund.

Movie night – Show a movie in your home and “charge admission” by asking your guests to donate.

Bike ride – Ask people to make a donation to our cause for each mile you complete.

Host a party – Host a gathering of friends to raise money and awareness for our organization and the children that we serve.

You can also ask friends and family to make a donation in lieu of a gift for other special occasions, including weddings, Valentine’s Day, and retirement.

Some More Ways to Give

Donate to the Africa's Children's Fund

89% of our revenue goes directly to support our programs for children and families in need.


Do you ever shop at If so, just by shopping there you can help Africa’s Children’s Fund raise funds at no cost to you! Just click on the link to start shopping and assisting Africa’s Children’s Fund!

Bid Online

You can bid and win valuable items on our website while supporting our programs for children in need.

In-Kind Giving

Donate items to support our mission. We need food, books, clothes, shoes, computers, and vehicles. We can pick up donations from your location.


Africa’s Children’s Fund’s partners are compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations for financial data security and meet industry regulations related to face-to-face fundraising. Africa’s Children’s Fund’s privacy policy ensures that your data will neither be sold to, nor exchanged with, any other organization.

You are always in charge of your donation. If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-678-381-1282 and ask to speak with one of our Donation Care associates.